Monday November 2, 2020

Monday 2 November 2020

Coronavirus update – 2nd England lockdown

Art Academy London continues to monitor and respond to information from Public Health England. 

Having reviewed the New National Restrictions published following the Prime Minister’s announcement on October 31, 2020, and in consultation with the Department for Education (DfE) and other relevant external bodies, the Academy will continue to run courses throughout the duration of the lockdown period. 

This means that public courses will be running (almost) as normal, with additional provision in place, where possible, for online learning. 

For public courses, this means:

  • A further reduction in the number of classes (No drop in sessions)
  • No new courses starting during the lockdown period (all new courses to be postponed)
  • For a limited number of courses, optional online version available for those students preferring to participate remotely (this could be on a different evening from the regular scheduled course)

Academic programmes will continue as previously timetabled. Current academic students will receive an update pertinent to their programme. 

We ask that everyone in our community be extra vigilant in watching out for symptoms and following the safety measures that have been designed to keep us all safe. 

How you can make a difference:

  • Keep your distance in line with UK social distancing guidelines
  • Wash your hands frequently and don’t touch your face
  • Always sneeze or cough into a tissue, throw it away, wash your hands
  • Sign in and out when you arrive/leave
  • Wear a face covering 
  • Don’t come in if you’re feeling unwell, and if you develop symptoms while on site, go home immediately
  • Be considerate of others – If you notice that someone has overlooked these guidelines, please let them know in a friendly and polite way. Or if someone reminds you of your own slip up, please don’t take offence – we are all just trying to keep each other safe.

Thank you for continued support in what continues to be a very challenging time for every one of us.

For more information, and cohort-specific guidance, please refer to our Keeping the Academy Safe page.