Tutors – Painting & Drawing


Rhiannon Salisbury graduated from the Turps Painting Program August 2018 in Elephant and Castle, winning The Darbyshire Prize For Emerging Art. In 2016 Rhiannon completed her MAFA at Chelsea College of Art after receiving the John Hoyland Scholarship. Recent achievements include being selected to undertake a residency and exhibition in Guadalajara, Mexico, having work selected for the A.P.T. Creekside Open selected by Jordan Baseman, being selected as the artist to represent UAL in an international advertising campaign for the university.

Rhiannon uses her paintings as a tool to investigate the role of women within a patriarchal culture. Using colour, form, and composition as language, she investigates western standards of beauty and the idealisation of femininity, within the field of advertising. She deliberately works with found imagery from aspirational fashion and lifestyle magazines, focusing on the modelling campaigns of the most luxurious brands. Composition and imagery are tweaked to distort and expose her dystopian perception of the capitalist dream. The artist hopes that the reinterpretation of the advertisements through painting, opens up a dialogue where one can re-look at the structure of ideas and references used in each highly constructed and saturated image. Using gestures which explore the borderland between a substance that is alluring in its thick luscious texture, and grotesque in its ability to turn to chaotic mush, her paint handling and synthetic colour palette seeks to strike a balance that intends to at once allure and repel the viewer.