Tutors – Painting & Drawing


Kim is an experienced and qualified teacher with a BEd in Art Teaching from King Alfred’s College in Winchester, and latterly completed a Fine Art Masters Degree in Aberystwyth University in 2014. She loves meeting students of all ages and sharing her artistic experiences to inform her teaching for other adults. Kim draws and paints from life; frequently outdoors. She has become increasingly aware that her strongest work is usually made direct or en plein air, when she immerses herself in the environment. She has a particular attraction to historical or geographical interest, or places with some type of uniqueness. Kim is best known for her work in black ink, but also enjoys working in colour on both paper and with oil paint. She is drawn to tonal and patterned visual elements; enjoying the mark making opportunities and challenges these aspects present. Structures attract her as subject matter. She also values the structural elements, structures bring to compositions. Kim relishes exploring scale in both, the formats she works in, and by attempting to capture a sense of scale and the impact of something’s size in her work. Sketchbooks are an important part of her practice. She is interested in thinking about where drawing ends and painting begins… Since completing her Masters Degree she has participated in Pintar Rapido as a competitor, winner and Judge in 2019. She took part in Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2016 as a Wildcard and made it to the final three. Kim has been commissioned in Jane Austen’s House Museum, exhibited with The Sunday Times Watercolour competition and Royal Society of Marine Artists, and generally keeps herself busy teaching or making art.