Tutors – Painting & Drawing


Katharine Prendergast is a practising artist with extensive experience teaching drawing and painting. She has been tutoring at The Art Academy since 2008 and is also a visiting tutor at UAL Central Saint Martins. Katharine studied at City and Guilds School of Art and St Oswald’s School of Painting. In her work Katherine Prendergast references architectural forms in order to examine our relationship to our context and environment. Bold forms that imply strength and weight are often undermined by the precariousness and simplicity of their support structures. Potentially intimidating and challenging sculptural forms are painted in contrast of with spindly, fragile, towering structures. Skeletons and structures without skins reveal the instability of the worlds and cosmologies we create. Lines resembling scaffolding are hurled into chaos instead of constructing a new habitation. Prendergast’s sombre industrial blues, greys and blacks are shot through with fluorescent yellows, fleshy pinks, fiery oranges and glowing greens, suggesting alternative spaces and that hope is active and change is ever present.