Tutors – Painting & Drawing


Isabel Young graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2002 with a Masters in Fine Art. Since that time she has exhibited extensively across the UK and internationally. Between 2010 and 2012 she undertook a second Masters in Landscape Architecture at the University of Greenwich for which she was awarded distinction. While she continues to practice as a fine artist, landscape architecture has become the primary influence on her work. She has had solo exhibitions in London and the Laing Art Gallery (Tyne & Wear Museums), and a two-person show in 2017 at Arthouse1 Gallery. Her work has won many awards including the Gilchrist Fisher Award for Landscape Painting, The Gordon Luton Award for Fine Art, the Basel H. Alkazzi Travel Scholarship, Jerwood Contemporary Painters and the Oppenheim-John Downes Memorial Trust. Earlier in 2017 her paintings were purchased for the collection of the National Museum of Gdansk. Alongside her career as a practicing artist she has lectured in fine art and design for over a decade at some of the world’s leading centres for art education. She has held academic posts at the University for the Creative Arts, University of Gloucestershire, City of Westminster College and Central Saint Martins. Young’s practice combines digital drawing, architectural model-making, and the visual language of the ‘shadow box’ with traditional painting processes. In her work architecture is addressed as a liminal experience of space where the boundary point between one zone and another becomes the central theme. Imagery pauses around doorways, entrances and openings marking the threshold as the most powerful point of friction in architecture. The three-dimensional quality of the work and elaborately constructed surfaces allow Young’s practice to oscillate somewhere between painting and sculpture.