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Don’t miss out: spaces left on autumn short courses

3rd October, 2019  |  Published in, Academy News

We have a few spaces left on our autumn evening and weekend courses across painting, drawing, printmaking, digital art, sculpture, and ceramics and glass. You’ll learn under the expert guidance of eminent practising artists, in small groups of no more than 15 students, giving you a hands-on, tailored experience. Take a look at our course highlights below, or see our full list here.


Hand Built Ceramics (8 weeks, starting 19th October): this is a comprehensive introduction to sculptural ceramics, covering clay types and basic core techniques such as coiling, pinching, slab building and surface decoration. You’ll use these techniques to make finished ceramic forms, which can then be decorated with raw glazes and slips for a once-fired finished piece.

Drawing for Beginners (8 weeks, starting Friday 18th October): an accessible, creative and relaxing introduction to the basic skills of drawing. Each session will focus on a different theme: through various drawing approaches including still life, life drawing and portraiture, you’ll learn to explore and understand line, tone, measurement, texture and composition.

Portrait Painting (8 weeks, starting Friday 18th October): learn how to see form and colour accurately and using these skills to better create loose, expressive portraits. Working with oil paints, you’ll develop a series of artworks, from short expressive painting sketches, to longer more detailed pieces. The class has the benefit of two experienced models every week as well as tuition from a talented practising artist.

Digital SLR Photography (5 weeks, starting Tuesday 5th November): build on your existing photography skills and learn more about how to use your camera, as well as gaining a technical overview of how to photograph landscapes, portraits & still lives successfully. You will also gain lighting and post production tips to help take your photography to the next level.


Portrait Painting with Charlie Schaffer (9th & 10th November): Charlie Schaffer is an experienced portrait artist and winner of the BP Portrait Award 2019 with his stunning painting ‘Imara in her Winter Coat’, which skilfully captures the different textures of clothing, hair and skin. You can learn how to paint a portrait under Charlie’s expert tuition in our weekend course. You’ll cover tonal drawings, painting in a limited palette and a sustained portrait, with access to two portrait models over the weekend.

Photopolymer Etching (19th & 20th October): in this interesting weekend course, you’ll learn to master an innovative printmaking technique which bridges the gaps between photography, drawing and printmaking – exposing hand-drawn and/or digital positives to photosensitive plates. You will develop a series of photopolymer etching plates throughout the weekend guided by one-to-one tutoring from Frederic Morris.

Introduction to Portrait Sculpture (26th & 27th October): a great weekend course introducing you to the process of sculpture the portrait head from clay. Whether setting out a portrait head from a structural point of view with a clear path of constructive method, or searching for a more expressive manner of approach, you’ll benefit from exploring with a professional sculptor to help build upon your own sculptural experience.

Cyanotypes Printmaking with Helen Dixon (2nd & 3rd November): a weekend introduction to the Cyanotype, invented by Sir John Henry Herschel in 1841. This early photographic process produces distinctive and striking Prussian blue images which can also be toned in various other colours. You’ll learn about this alternative and traditional photographic process and be introduced to the use of computers to produce photographic negatives for such processes.