Not The Grad Show

Welcome to “Not the Grad Show”, our aim is to mark the date on which we would have been opening up our Graduation Show and welcoming you to the private view. Whilst COV-ID 19 has put paid to our plans to have a live event, we the 3rd year Fine Art BA and Diploma students have put together a virtual show.

This online exhibition showcases the work we have been making during lockdown, whilst our studies have been suspended. As is the case for many others, our efforts have been constrained by having to work from our homes and with materials at hand. Hopefully, we can demonstrate that these constraints do not necessarily hinder creativity.

Diploma student Jon Faragher, has created a video of the final works exhibited in a virtual version of the Newington Gallery. Whilst, normally we might flinch at showing work in a computer-generated environment, the opportunity to use detailed architectural plans of the gallery space at Newington (provided kindly by General Projects) means the temporary closure of the building has not been a barrier to holding a show in the space.

On this webpage you will find links to the virtual tour of the show, along with individual versions of the work and artists statements.

Lastly, we would like to thank the team at the Art Academy for making this exhibition possible. We have been given incredible support, from providing space on the Art Academy website, to giving time to advise on marketing and other matters. In particular, we would like to extend our utmost thanks to James Jarrett for creating this hosting page.

Finally, we plan to have the Graduation Show in December 2020, watch this space …… .


Jon, Emily, Andy, Gloria, Kate, Mercedes, Angel, Naomi