This project took place during the Coronavirus lockdown, so we were all confined to our own homes, emboldening us to consider our relationship with our home and the outside world. The nature of this relationship was obviously very personal but overarching themes included physical, psychological and political elements of home.

Some of us questioned the meaning of home from a personal perspective and through the ages, as a spatial construction and from a female perspective. As our outlook shrunk to the walls in which we sat, everyday objects were seen in a new way. For others, the constrictions lockdown placed on our views of the external world became pertinent. As we no longer really felt part of the outside world, we explored the views of it from the perspective of our homes. The politics of home and the lockdown were never far away from our discussions and for some these issues became important to explore.

Recurring themes for many of us were the limitations that the lockdown put on our creativity, the space we had available to work and the materials we could use. However, throughout the time we were all aware of the privileges we had and that despite the limitations we were able to create and produce work. This exhibition is a culmination of our work, reflecting the period of lockdown and our personal interpretations of Home, a sense of place.