Course Code WC1802052
Tutor Arabella Brooke CAS
Dates Saturday & Sunday, 2nd & 3rd March 2019
Times 10.00am – 5.00pm
Experience Level Intermediate/Advanced
Fee £195
Location The Art Academy, 165A Mermaid Court, SE1 1HR

This is the perfect 2-day course for those who have made a number of figure sculptures in a more traditional manner and would like to explore avenues of creative approaches. The method used will be working in clay from a life model, without using an inner armature structure. This course is for Intermediate to Advanced students and aims to build upon previous experience to further how to observe, translate your observation and ideas, then express them through the figure. Through clay and drawing exercises, refresh, renew or find alternative ways of exploring the pose. You will build upon your own sculptural expression with the help and guidance of a professional sculptor.

Arabella Brooke CAS lives and works in London. Her work is shown at galleries and art fairs throughout the year and held in private collections around the world. She says, ‘My work is figurative and based on observation, mostly recorded in sketch books, which I carry around with me at all times, but also on scraps of paper, receipts, the backs of envelopes. This recording, often only a scribbled line, or suggestion of a form, is the starting point for a long process of development in the studio, where their components get rearranged and refigured, until they take on a new and distinct identity of their own’.


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Fee: £195.00