Course Code SC1703151
Tutor Andy Pankhurst
Dates Tuesday – Friday, 3rd – 6th April 2018
Times 10.00am – 5.00pm
Experience Level Intermediate/Advanced
Fee £280

‘Painting is not the slavish copying of an object but the grasping of a harmony between several interactions…a powerful organizing mind is the best aid to sensation in the realization of a work of art’.

Paul Cezanne’s statement evokes the creative spirit and philosophy of this four day life painting course offering an opportunity to allow students the freedom to work from a sustained nude model pose enabling intense and sustained perceptual concentration while under the tuition of Andy Pankhurst. Starting with preliminary drawings on day one you will be introduced to concepts of: measurement and proportion, form, tone, composition and pictorial structure. The focus will then be on producing small scale colour oil sketches with a particular emphasis on ‘temperature of colour’, with the final two days working on a larger scale painting from the model. Under Andy’s guidance you will learn how to complete a nude painting from a ‘cold’ start in the life drawing room through both the imaginative response and practical stages of construction to the final execution. This exciting course is an intensive four days that offers a high level of tutor contact time.

Andy Pankhurst studied and continues to teach life drawing at the Slade School of Fine Art. He is a figurative painter with work represented in various public, corporate and private collections and museums in the UK and USA. Andy exhibits with Browse & Darby in London, with his most recent show of paintings and drawings in November 2014. He is the co-author with Lucinda Hawksley of “What Makes Great Art”, published 2012 by Apple Press.