Course Code OC2003082
Tutor Janek Dubowski
Course Dates Tuesdays, 27th April - 15th June 2021
Days 8
Times 5.45pm - 7.45pm
Experience Level All Levels
Fee £200
Location Online

This exploratory journey, over 8 weeks, which will involve both theory and experiential learning, will encourage participants to explore their own unconscious minds through a range of creative exercises. Through the creation of ‘inscapes,’ artefacts based on the inner-world of the Imagination, each participant will be enabled to produce a ‘portfolio’ journal of their individual journey of exploration. Each week there will also be time for sharing some of these images from the unconscious with the group, encouraging an active learning community, in which members can learn from one another.
While we tend to attribute the ‘Discovery of the Unconscious’ to Sigmund Freud, it can be argued that Artists have been actively engaged in exploring this mysterious terrain of the Unconscious ever since Human-kind evolved ‘Consciousness’.
It is important to stress that this Short Course will not provide ‘training’ in Art Therapy and nor is it designed to offer therapy to the participants. Rather, it is designed to provide opportunity for a creative exploration of some of the theories, ideas and techniques that inform Art Therapy, at an introductory level. Because of the highly experiential nature of the classes, participants should expect, and be open to, a degree of personal exploration, disclosure and sharing, which might be psychologically demanding at times.

What level is this course?

This course is suitable for all levels. Students can move at their own pace depending on their experience, with as much support from the Tutor as they wish.

  • Beginner

    Choose a Beginners course if you are looking for a broad introduction to the medium you are studying. Students spend time learning the very basics of the taught medium, for example, how to mix colours, use different tools, set up an easel. Our Beginner courses are suitable for students with no prior experience, they tend to follow a more structured path than our other courses, ensuring each student receives the guidance they need from the tutor.

  • Beginner +

    Choose a Beginner + course if you are looking to hone your skills, focus on a specific subject area and build your confidence. These courses are suitable for those with some basic skills in and knowledge of the taught medium, but still follow a structured path with guidance from the tutor.

  • Intermediate

    Our Intermediate courses are suitable for students who have considerable prior knowledge of the taught medium or have completed a Beginners/Beginners + course with the Art Academy.

    These courses tend to be less structured and instead are tailored to the classes’ needs and the direction they want to advance in. Choose an Intermediate course if you are looking to improve your skills and have more critical discussions around the work you produce.

  • Advanced

    Choose our Advanced courses if you have considerable knowledge in the taught medium. You are expected to be able to work independently and have critical discussions around your work.

     Our Advanced courses include our Masterclasses.

All attendees must be aged 18 or over.

About Your Tutor


Dr. Janek Dubowski is a Chartered Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Art Therapist and also holds a degree in Fine Art. He has developed and led qualifying Masters Degrees in Art Psychotherapy at a number of leading institutions, both here in the UK and abroad.

What will I need

This is very much an experiential course and students will be spending time each week in making their own art related to the themes we will be exploring. Accordingly, you need to have a choice of art materials at hand and ready before the class begins. You might want to make more than one image, so make sure you have enough materials for that.

Further Details

  • Please ensure that at all times you follow our Code Of Conduct.
  • Please note that the Art Academy cannot be held responsible for student’s technology and/or connectivity. If for any reason (including technical) students are unable to take part, we will not be providing compensation. We are not responsible for any subsequent cost accrued from high data usage.
  • You will need to have paid in full before the first session of your class. Your place is not guaranteed until we have received full payment. Please book early in order to guarantee your place on the course.
  • Please ensure that your mobile phone is not disturbing the class.
  • To find out more about what’s going on at the Academy follow us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter. If you’d like to share images of your course, your progress or your finished work we’d love to see them! Please bear in mind you must have the permission of tutors, other students and models to photograph them.
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Code of Conduct

Code Of Conduct 

We aim to foster a productive environment. We do not tolerate the following:

  • Screen-shotting or screen-recording at any point of the course (without expressed permission from the tutor or owners of the work)
  • Deliberate disruption of the session/conversation
  • Harassment, bullying, intimidation

We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and bullying, which we define as:

  • Negative comments about race/ethnicity, gender (including gender identity), sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, physical appearance, citizenship, or other protected categories (alt: Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, xenophobic, antisemetic, Islamophobic and classist behaviour and language)
  • Intimidation or threats
  • Unwelcome sexual attention
  • Any activity meant to convey or cultivate hostility
  • Ad hominem insults or other attacks
  • Encouraging the above behaviour

Please also avoid the following:

  • Interrupting the tutor and fellow students without cause


If you violate the code of conduct we retain the right to eject you immediately from the lesson. Future participation will be discussed and you will be notified of the appropriate course of action.


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Fee: £200.00