Congratulations to our Peer Prize winner, Lisette Put.

The Peer Prize is the first Prize awarded during the academic year. Any student from our academic courses is able to take part and the winner and runner up are voted for by students.

Lisette’s piece ‘Tidal Mind’ is an exploration of the influence the moon has on our mind and mental wellbeing. Lisette drew a self-portrait, daily, for 40 days. She then applied a grid to each drawing in order to convert them into sound. Each point in the grid’s coordinates and ink percentage were manually recorded with the y-axis corresponding to their musical height, the x-axis their position in time and the ink percentage representing their velocity.

Voter’s thought Lisette’s piece was beautifully thought-through. No matter the complexity of her project, she managed to make the understanding obvious through it’s display. Lisette has created a highly original work that places what we perceive as a static image within time and motion, presenting us with both a visual and an audial image.

Congratulations also to our Peer Prize runner up, Mercedes Balle.

Mercedes’ piece, Instability, represented the constant and aimless movement felt when trying to find your place in a restless city.

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