The Art Academy

The Art Academy is a wholly independent art school based in central London, offering a wide range of art education programmes to a very diverse group of participants. Alongside the long-term courses (3-year Diploma in Fine Art, 1-year Fine Art Foundation and 2-year Certificate courses) it offers evening classes, part-time study, and weekend and short courses.

The Art Academy is also a registered Charity (No. 1078804)

Our Mission

The Art Academy was founded in 2000 as an organisation to promote creativity and inspiration for practitioners and for society. We have built a reputation for  transmitting real professional skills and creative insight, for taking care of all who come through our courses and enabling everyone’s creative vision.

Our Principles

• We believe in creating an environment where students experiment, research, and learn from the best academic, cultural, artistic and philosophical practitioners, to develop visionary artists who will be the creative thinkers of the future.

• In the development of creative skills, both traditional and contemporary, which supports freedom of expression.

• In encouraging students to understand that all artwork in any medium or style should be equally considered, conceptually developed and skilled in its creation.

• In training every student to develop a critical and spontaneous creative process which allows them to be true to their creative vision.

• In helping students to understand the art market and the world of the professional artist to enable them to make informed choices within their creative practice.

• Providing a supportive, vibrant and eclectic artistic community where creativity can be nurtured.

Our Founding Aims

• To provide the highest standard of education – in both traditional and innovative ways – to students wishing to become professional artists.

• To contribute to the creation of great works of art.

• To enable students to produce woks of art that have a positive and beneficial effect on the community – art which is truly creative, inspires minds and opens the hearts of its audience.

• To give creative opportunities to the wider community.

• To encourage debate around the practice and principles of Higher Education in Fine Art.

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