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Study Story - Rhiannon Salisbury

Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury

I have a distinct memory of the first time I walked into the art academy. I felt like a child who had just walked into Willy Wonker’s Chocolate Factory. It was a completely new world to me, but one I immediately wanted to be a part of. I saw fabulous large sculpture being built from a various models, life drawing, painting and much more, there was so much art work being made everywhere, but real tangible living art and artists of all ages and disciplines heavily involved in their work. I was enthralled straight away. I had been to many art schools in London before but had never entered a space quite like this with such a practical hands on approach. I was mesmerised by the quality of the work and the intensity of its production. It was like a living dream to see huge sculptures and awe inspiring paintings being created in such an immediate, physical way. Waiting to find out if i had been accepted was agony, I had never wanted to go somewhere so much before.

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