The Art Academy – London

Simon Keeley


Simon successfully mixes historic styled work, with contemporary designed letter carving and sculptural carving. ‘My heart will always be with historic interests and I think the best lessons are to be found in work by the old masters’.

He has had important stone carving commissions involving historic restoration work on the exterior and interior of Westminster Abbey and Westminster School. Prestigious commissions – involving historic settings, for a heraldic plaque for the Worshipful Company of Skinners in London.

Continuing with prestigious commissions, he is presently designing a large set of designs for a historic facade on Harley street in London, the brief is ‘healing plants’. He will be carving a layering of low relief ‘recognisable healing plants’ in Portland stone, later in the year.

He has been involved in public artworks, involving letter carving in various languages, in brick and stone in East Oxford in 2005. March 2008, sees me joining forces with designer of the ‘Soundwaves’ project –David Little, for a public area in Tower Hamlets, in East London. Here, as in at Oxford, he will be responsible for producing contemporary styled letter carving, in Cumbrian slate bench tops.

Courses Taught

Simon teaches on the Diploma course