The Art Academy – London

Melissa Scott-Miller


Melissa Scott-Miller is a member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and the New English Art Club and in 2009 won the prestigous Lynn Painter-Stainer Award. She has exhibited her paintings in the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition nearly every year for the last twenty-five years.

“Since I was a child I have always enjoyed painting the view out of the window and the world around me including the people closest to me.

Being brought up in London and bringing up two children in London myself this has turned into a passion for depicting urban life as I see it.

For the last few years I have mainly painted outside on quite large canvases, which I take back and forth every day to the same spot trying to stick to the same light and weather conditions. Consequently I work on several pieces at a time; one for sunny days one for grey days etc. I am particularly fascinated by the colours and textures of brick buildings and use small brushes to describe the detail.

Also I like to put a few people and signs of life in my urban landscapes so that they tell the story of the time they are painted in.”

Courses Taught

Melissa teaches on the Diploma & Weekend Courses