The Art Academy – London

Katharine Prendergast


I have always stood in awe of the monumentality of the skeletal foundations of utalitarian structure, the large half-constructed buildings, and the arrangement of colour and texture on vast decaying walls. Recently, I have become interested in the tensions between structures which are intimidating and weighty in their scale, yet feel fragile at the same time. As a starting point for my work I have been drawn to structurally top heavy images such as old houses on stilts, water towers and oilrigs.

I am concerned with representing a conundrum of space, I reconstruct sights using memory, photo montage and negotiations with the medium I use, i.e. letting the painting direct what happens. The resulting images hang between a defined space and a surface arrangement of colours lines shapes and textures. They create moments of conflict that jar with the logic of the implied space, negotiating a ‘space between’. Once the painting begins, the material of paint itself, shape, line, rhythms, colour are all primarily intuitive formal concerns. In an intuitive fashion, order in the painting is being built up, toppled and re-imagine.

Courses Taught

Katharine teaches on the Diploma, Component Courses & Evening Classes