The Art Academy – London

Karen Brewis


Karen studied Fine Art in Lancashire before completing an MA in Site-Specific Sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art. She has exhibited in and curated a number of gallery-based group shows as well as showing site-specific works in public spaces around London.
Karen has also worked as a community artist on many projects with children and spent 9 years working in creative therapy with adults with mental health problems.

“My work is inspired by the beauty and harmony I find in natural forms.
I am concerned with looking deeper than the surface beauty to explore what it is that speaks to us; the very essence of the forms and how we respond to them. I am interested in how we connect with this essence and how we experience this same feeling in other areas of life and relationships. In exploring this subject, much of my work has evolved into curved forms which flow, are enveloping or enclosing, from which I get a sense of nurture, comfort and love as well as energy, movement, growth and radiance. I am also interested in exploring the relationships between such forms and the spaces which are created by them. I use a variety of mediums to explore how to capture and this essence, with a desire that the viewer might engage in the process and experience it for themselves.”

Courses Taught

Karen teaches on the Diploma