The Art Academy – London

Hazel Reeves


Hazel Reeves is a specialist portrait sculptor working to commission. Obsessed by faces, portraits are at the core of her artistic practice. She is fascinated by how emotions and expressions flicker across the face, yet a person’s character resides more permanently, captured in the way features of the face form and age. How to capture this is what obsesses her. Capturing a likeness, seen by the sitter and family or peers, is the wonderful challenge of portrait commissions.  But her interests are moving beyond this, to seek to understand how society defines beauty or decides whose face is worthy of capturing in bronze. And to seek to challenge this by sculpting those who would normally never be sculpted let alone cast in bronze and placed in public – those who are excluded because of their race, their gender, age, class or dis/ability.

Hazel has received two prestigious awards: the Society of Portrait Sculptors’ Master Class Prize in 2010 and 2012 and the Falle Fine Art ‘Bronze’ Award. She is on the Council of the Society of Women Artists and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, exhibiting her work at London galleries and across the South of England and Wales. Her commissioned bronze sculpture of Sadako Sasaki was blessed during a ceremony on the World Day of Peace, 21st September 2012, in Wales. Hazel is an experienced tutor and loves teaching portrait sculpture.

Courses Taught

Hazel teaches on Short Courses