The Art Academy – London

Annabelle Moreau


The work I make questions the consumption and apprehension of space.
It consists in large curved pictorial forms that become sculptural interventions into architectural spaces. The support for the painting is made out of aluminum sheets which I bend creating a stark and pure curvature. On the surface I apply oil paint.

The imagery is entirely abstract and creates a pictorial space within the sculptural form which swipes the viewer into an endless whirlwind of a rich monochromatic color. The metal disperses light and diverts the viewer’s movement through the room. The viewer is placed in a situation of questioning the nature of the work, the simultaneity of experiencing the object in space together with the illusionistic space depicted.

The object leaves the traditional refuge of painting, the wall, and engages with the spatiality of corner, floor and ceiling. Obscurity, uncertainty, vastness, color saturation and light entice the viewer into the experience of the paradox of the sublime. The work sits between the Romantic tradition of historical painting and the experiential elements found in Minimalism.

Courses Taught

Annabelle teaches on the Diploma