Graduate Programme

Ask a recent art school graduate what he or she most misses about college, and they’ll probably say the sense of purpose and structure – along with the supportive dialogue about their work provided by fellow students and tutors.

This is what our graduates told us, and this is why we launched our Graduate Programme. We don’t know of another one like it.

Open to graduates from any art school it not only acts like a club, or a support network, but it is also structured to provide an environment that helps graduates sustain their momentum. It focuses on development of creative practice and pathways for professional growth.

Each programme is a year long and built around salon-style sessions, graduates present their work to one another, and discuss its genesis and direction, as a meeting of equal professionals. The idea is to provide a forum which offers stimulus, and positive critique, in a sympathetic setting.

Our Graduate Programme members find that these sessions sustain their motivation, iron out problems, and generate new ideas. Being a practicing artist can be a lonely affair, and the chance to meet regularly with others who are in the same boat can provide the impetus to keep going.

The Graduate Programme also encourages finding opportunities to exhibit work and the Academy helps facilitate a group show of members of the Programme at the end of the year.

Mindful of the financial constraints faced after graduation, we try and run the programme at cost to make it affordable for all graduates. This year we have managed to secure funding to enable us to subsidise this course cost. The cost for this year is £200.


      • Six full day group critiques over the course of a year spaced two months apart. Each day includes at least one 30 – 45 minute critique of every artist’s work.
      • Graduates may schedule additional technical / creative / professional development tutorials from within the Art Academy staff at £35/ hour to supplement the 6 group critique days.
      • Graduates are welcome to join diploma students on special outings, lectures, professional development seminars & art history classes.
      • There is the option of organising half or full day specialist sessions. The cost of any sessions would be apportioned among the participants. Activities, content and structure to be determined among the graduate artist group and Tutor.
      • If necessary and appropriate, graduates may elect to go to one of the artists’ studios for a session.
      • Graduates generally organise a show amongst themselves at the end of the course, this is optional, but does prove useful and motivational.


Application & Fees

Please complete the Graduate Programme Application form or if you have any questions please contact us, via email at: