Ceramics & Glass


Hand Built Ceramics

Course Code: EC1604047
Tutor: Annette Bugansky
Dates: Mondays, 24th July – 2nd October 2017
Weeks: 10
Times: 6:30 – 9.00pm
Experience Level: All Levels
Fee: £260

A comprehensive introduction into the methods and variety of creative potential of sculptural ceramics. The course covers studio practice, clay types, basic core techniques of hand building for sculpture: coiling, pinching, slab building and surface decoration. These will be taught and put into practice to make finished ceramic forms. Through practical projects you will understand the material and, with emphasis on experimentation, how you can manipulate it to create a variety of forms. These can then be decorated with raw glazes and slips for a once fired finished piece.

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Kiln Formed Glass

Course Code: EC1604007
Tutor: Monette Larsen
Dates: Tuesdays, 25th July – 26th September 2017
Weeks: 10
Times: 6.30 – 9.00pm
Experience Level: All levels
Fee: £260

An exploration of the intriguing, magical world of kiln formed glass. This course allows you to learn a variety of techniques including fusing, slumping, hand cut stencils, sandblasting, inclusions, uv bonding and surface decoration. Course tutor Maria Zulueta is a well-respected glassmaker, producing work at vastly different scales from table pieces to installations, with a wealth of experience in supporting you in learning new skills. Under her expert guidance you will use the range of techniques to build a collection of samples and create a final piece. You are free to explore their preferred techniques and those of you who have already done the course can rejoin to continue building upon their previous work with tutored guidance.

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Image / Maria Zulueta