The Art Academy – London

Art History


Introduction to Contemporary Art: 1990-2016

Course Code: EC1603AH03
Tutor: David Hodge
Dates: Mondays, 24th April – 26th June 2017
Weeks: 10
Times: 6.15 – 7.45pm
Experience Level: All Levels
Fee: £160

This course introduces key topics in international contemporary art from 1990 to the present day. It begins with the question of ‘what is contemporary art’ and then looks at a range of new developments in the way that artists are working today. The course takes a global approach, looking at artists from all over the world, and includes big names of the contemporary art scene alongside figures who are less well known. Students will be provided with the historical background to the emergence of new mediums and methods, so that some of the more unusual developments in the field of contemporary art will begin to make more sense. The tutor will use a variety of engaging exercises to help students begin to develop visual and critical skills. There is no expectation that students should have any background knowledge and it is designed for general interest rather than academic study.

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