The Art Academy – London

Why We Are Independent

The qualification that we offer is an in-house diploma. One of the members of the assessment panel is an external assessor from a London university.
We choose to offer a diploma, rather than a standard government-recognised BA or MA qualification, for a number of reasons:

• We offer a very high number of tutored hours for the students, which we feel is fundamentally important in providing the best possible education. Accredited courses cannot afford to do this, as the cost of compliance with all the requisite paperwork is so high that they have to drastically reduce the number of tutored hours, or raise the fees to an unrealistic level.

• A course within that system is heavily influenced by it and has to fall in line with the structures, values and guidelines laid down by it. Our course is unique and has been very carefully considered and tested. We have no wish to lose valuable aspects of it through changing our accreditation.

• As a professional artist, your most important assets are a portfolio of your work and your previous experience. Very rarely is an artist even asked what qualification they have. We therefore focus our attention on building portfolios and giving students as much experience as we can.of making work while they are here.

One area that can prove more difficult is where a student wishes to go straight into teaching, but there are certainly ways around this. Anyone who has gained a degree of any kind prior to coming to us can easily do a teaching conversion course on leaving the Academy. People without a degree can go onto an MA course at another college or go into the third year of another BA course after completing the Diploma course at the Academy. A number of our former students have recently gone on to succesfully graduate from MA courses, and we are making connections with like-minded institutions offering compatible higher degrees potentially suited to Art Academy graduates in order to facilitate this process. The Academy is also making more connections each year with other art colleges to ensure that they are aware of the content and quality of our Diploma course.