The Art Academy – London


The team at the Art Academy has developed a huge range of enjoyable, constructive and effective exercises and activities that can suit all sorts of training needs or just provide a motivating, rewarding fun day for your team. We normally combine them into full day or half-day packages for you, or choose the ones that will best fit into your existing conference or event schedule. Here are a few of our most popular ones…


A very popular, adaptable exercise with endless variants, all involving the creation of a giant frieze in paper, paint and a range of objects. Inspiration can be drawn from the workplace or from music, poetry or literature, and the exercise can be used for everything from fun days to serious training and development.

Face to Face

With just a little instruction from a sculpture tutor, people can quickly learn the basics of sculpting a head in clay and surprisingly good (and amusing!) results can be achieved in just a few hours. The team use each other as models for their sculptures. Utterly absorbing and satisfying, this exercise has been a huge hit with participants of all ages, including children.


Ideal for those looking for a something to take back to the office, either as a souvenir of a fun day together or an expression of teamwork in action. Our tutors help you create an abstract artwork to be proud of, often taking inspiration from great abstract painters of the recent past.


Creating a sculpture with found objects stretches your imagination, promotes teamwork and gets people to make the most of limited resources. Like ‘Frieze’, this has endless variants and can be used for fun or training days. With the emphasis on recycled and found materials, it has ‘green’ credentials too!

World of Clay

The group is given a large amount of clay and a big space in which to create whatever they want – a farmyard, a cityscape, an alien planet, or something related to their work – part of the fun is in deciding on a theme. Immense fun, hugely creative, sometimes quite physical and a great exercise in teamwork, this is becoming a real favourite.

Art United

Ideal for exploring and improving communication, time management and team cohesion. Many teams have to develop strategies for working in sub-groups and ad-hoc working parties, and this exercise encourages effective collaborative working. The overall aim is to create a large picture based on a theme or poem that is given to the whole group at the start. The exercise relies entirely on everyone communicating clearly and consistently, and is therefore a great exercise in getting everyone to mix, communicate and unite towards a common goal.


Another excellent communication, time management and cohesion exercise. Creative objective: overall image onto the wall. At first this may sound easy, but the team members who are drawing are blindfolded, taking instruction from a communicator…who is told what to do by their team leader…who is the only one who has the image! The aim is to complete the task and ensure that each member feels empowered and valued as part of the team. Participants’ skills of communication, listening and awareness are put to the test in this challenging exercise, which reflects the piecemeal nature of much communication in organizations and offers participants an opportunity to explore more effective and positive approaches.

Totally Wired

Wire sculpture is an ideal activity for groups of all sizes and Totally Wired is not only lively and creative, but contains challenging rules and obstacles that the team need to deal with in order to achieve their aim. This is a very good exercise for looking at roles within a team, adapting to change, time management and communication.

Arts Race

One of our most popular icebreakers – a 3-d guessing game. The group is split into teams and they race to complete their cards, which have to be drawn, sculpted in clay or mimed. Fast and furious, this is a fantastic warm-up for any creative event.

Tottering Towers

In teams, it is a race to build the tallest tower out of the same amount of clay per team. Ingenuity, teamwork and strategy are put to the test in this fun game. A great (and mess-free) variant of this game involves building towers out of newspaper and rubber bands.

Make An Impression

A really original warm-up, ideal for getting people to open up and communicate within the team. The team get to quickly create small sculptures that express their feelings about each other in a positive way, working their way from colleague to colleague.

Art Class

The Academy runs classes in a wide range of art activities, so why not give your team the opportunity to try their hand at painting, drawing or sculpture? The events are planned in such a way that no one needs to be a skilled artist to enjoy themselves and produce satisfying results. An ideal option for a motivation day or team reward.


With a little tuition anyone can create quite beautiful mosaics, and the activity has a really therapeutic calming effect – an ideal getaway from the stresses of the workplace. It is also a great activity for groups wanting to take away a souvenir of their event.