The Art Academy – London

Team Building

The visual arts are an amazingly rich resource for team building, creative development and training. Other team building companies offer art-based activities, but the The Art Academy is unique, offering a huge range of exercises that can be combined into everything from fun days to in-depth coaching and executive development programmes.

The activities are ideal for conferences, meetings, product launches or corporate events, whether as training exercises or rewarding and memorable breakout sessions,¬†and you don’t need any artistic skill in order for them to be enjoyable and effective.

We have run team events for the past five years with a wide range of clients, from blue-chip companies and major charities to government departments and universities. We also regularly host events such as hen parties and special birthday celebrations with an art theme.

Communication…increase effectiveness, build trust, create unity

Values and vision…explore and express your organisation’s core values

Creativity…develop creative thinking, individually and as a group

Team cohesion…working together towards a common goal

Fun days…unwind, motivate, inspire and reward

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