The Art Academy – London

Lambeth Schools

In 2007, artists and tutors from the Academy led classroom-based practical workshops with 3 primary schools in Lambeth: Bonneville, Johanna and Vauxhall. This work was generously supported by a grant from Lambeth Endowed Charities.

Children attending the schools chosen for this pilot had never encountered a professional artist before. Within curriculum constraints they had previously had little opportunity to develop confidence in a group situation or to use art materials imaginatively to produce a finished work.

Through close consultation and planning with the class teachers, a programme was devised and delivered

The impact of these initial workshops was assessed by two of the teachers involved:

Vashti Potter, Bonneville: ‘Children were encouraged to express themselves through art. The children’s ideas were listened to and used. They enjoyed seeing the finished product and happy that all children were involved.’

Hannah Stechman, Johanna Primary: ‘Children who sometimes find it hard to work in a group were engaged and enjoyed contributing to the picture. Children who do not always finish work due to lack of confidence or through being meticulous workers were able to be part of the team who were able to see an artwork through to completion which is very nice for them.’