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Outreach Programme: Articulate

IMG_6031Art can be a powerful force for community cohesion, social engagement, skills development, and urban regeneration. The Art Academy is committed to a programme of outreach and community art activities, mainly focused on our local boroughs of Southwark and Lambeth.

About Articulate

Our primary outreach programme Articulate seeks to provide people with opportunities for creative self-expression and outlets for their ideas, it gives them the chance to articulate themselves, to work towards a goal and enjoy their achievement, to communicate about their lives and everything that is important to them. Articulate particularly focuses on helping disadvantaged people through teaching art, but it also seeks to help the young develop a love and appreciation of art, and lend aid to small creative companies with modest resources.

Current Projects

Our current Articulate project is in partnership with Southwark Resource Centre, which provides engagement and learning opportunities to those with severe and less severe disabilities. We are working with artists group BEAM, whose members have varied physical, mobility or medical difficulties, but who share strong creative interests which The Art Academy feels it can help them to develop and enjoy.

BEAM members received free tuition from our fantastic tutors Rhiannon Salisbury and Saskia Gall in the past. One of our best recent Fine Art Diploma graduates, Zoe Toolan, is now taking over as a tutor and will enrich the monthly sessions with her diverse artistic skills and teaching experience gained at the Academy.

Considering the success of the project we’ve committed to helping BEAM for another year in 2016.

Together with BEAM and Southwark Resource Centre we are currently looking at how to make our college disabled accessible in the future.

Previous Projects

We provided easels to Elephant Family for their event held in support of the highly endangered Asian Elephant.

We financially supported an exhibition for artists with autism held by Hoffman Foundation, which included our own accomplished alumni Oliver Chan.

We have provided tutors for Art Days at Beormund Primary School, which caters for children with learning and behavioural difficulties.

“The day was such a success and so much fun! Both the children and myself got so much out of it and we now have a giant spider hanging in our playground. It was an incredible experience for the children to get to go through all the processes of creating a large artwork.” Sarah Smitts, Head of Art

Our students have painted a beautiful mural for faith-school Olive Tree Primary, who felt the 25ft concrete wall in their playground was depressing for the children to play around.

“I received good feedback throughout the process which made it a joy to do. I also received two requests to do murals one from the garage opposite the school and another for a mural in a home. The third request was for lessons in using acrylic paint!” Ann Simberg-Saunders (lvl 1 Diploma student)

We regularly provide space for small companies and individuals for their own creative projects such as Hearty Productions rehearsals of O Cripes! I’m Prime Minister, and the filming of a stop motion animation for a music video by Oliver’s Island.

We helped stage an exhibition with World Heart Beat Music Academy and the Nelson Mandela Trust showing artwork from 200 children at local schools.

Articulate began as a year-long pilot programme, made possible by the JJ Charitable Trust, to whom we are hugely grateful. It was focused upon helping young ‘at risk’ people through a series of visual arts workshops, with the aim of developing not only creativity but also providing them with some basic learning and life skills (responsibility, focus on an activity, communication skills etc), giving them a framework and some structure to at least part of their day-to-day lives and teaching them to take pride in practical and achievable tasks in activities which they could talk about and show outside the learning environment.

For queries about Articulate please contact the programme coordinator, Lynn Weddle.

t. 07967 719137